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How Does Work?

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Deal Dash is a fair and a honest auction that gives you the opportunity to win new commodities at a cost that is less the main actual price of the commodity.

Dealdash provides you information whether you are new and or a current bidder and lets you know of the current situation at the auction. First you buy a bid package and then you are lined among many other auction participants as able to bid on a package.

Bid buddy
Bid buddy is a tool that helps you in online auctioning and it also helps bidders bid even when they can’t be around a computer or are not online. Bid buddy places bids automatically in the dying seconds of an auction clock. A bidder plays safe and makes sure that he or she can’t lose an auction when you are away or not online.

Deal dash is risk free and ensures that if you don’t win an auction it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have lost everything since you could get back all the bids for free on bidding back. That is one of the advantages of deal dash. it is risk free. Read More